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"Members described the attacker as a bald, white man, dressed in a white T-shirt and black pants and with a 9/11 tattoo on one arm — which ‘implies to me that there’s some level of hate crime there.’"

via CNN

just another case of the “hate crimes”

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I am so sad and angry about all this bullshit. Yes, let’s fucking fight about some lardy chicken establishment that hides their hate and bigotry behind biblical passages. FUCK THEM. Boycott that shit and let them become trivial, it’s just a matter of time.

To all the assholes that fight their “freedom” to own guns, well I wholeheartedly hope your freedom gets you shot too. I am so sick of this second Amendment bullshit. To the people that claim that owning guns is not an issue, what the fuck is the matter with them. Doesn’t the Bible claim it is a sin to steal? Isn’t killing a form of stealing someone’s life?


"All men are created equal" unless they don’t look like me, don’t believe in the same God I believe, aren’t committed in a heterosexual relationship, don’t speak my language, etc. I was not aware that religious freedom was meant for Christians only to shove their beliefs in everyone’s throats. 

Wake up people. Do not let older, no-longer-relevant beliefs rule your life and prevent us from progressing as a society. 

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let’s have a moment of honesty

I have a pounding headache. 

The reasons?

- Santorum saying that unemployment doesn’t matter

- The lack of outrage over the killing of Trayvon Martin

- The GOP trying to control women by using the lame excuse of “war on drugs”

- Coward and racist acts towards minorities and the LGBT community

- The fact that Santorum is visiting Illinois

I just can’t today. Why would some people go out of their way to spread so much hate?


It’s only Monday. 

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